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Friday, August 19, 2005 

Pride: Marny Fasnacht

Who is Marny Fasnacht? She is the mother of a hero killed in Iraq (Michael Fasnacht). She has a problem with Cindy Sheehan defaming her son. I found her story in the most unlikely of places, the Star Tribune, a reliably leftist newspaper. ("free" reg required, schmucks)

Michael Fasnacht, 25, of Mankato, believed the mission was about defending freedom, spreading democracy and defeating terrorism, said Marny Fasnacht, 58, of Janesville.

To suggest that he chose to risk his life for a cause that was neither noble nor necessary feels to Fasnacht like an insult to his intelligence.
From Michael's last letter home:
I feel very good about being here to relieve the men that have already been here a year and are ready to go home. I am also proud to be involved in such an influential conflict in history. ... I hope the Iraqis will be able to capitalize on the opportunity we are giving them. At least the seeds are planted now.
More from Marny:
For Sheehan to sit out there and scream that their lives were lost for nothing, I feel dishonors my son. It is the farthest thing from the truth, and I appreciate the opportunity to say something about it.

Where is the media blitz and 24 hour coverage? They can find the time and resources to cover Cindy's exit from Texas (Godspeed to her mother), but not for Marny? At least the story was there, even if it is buried under the top story of Cindy's exit. These stories like this are only there so that editors can claim some objectivity, and only grudgingly.

I suppose I should not be grousing about this, after all it was put out there and it does put Marny in a good light. It not like these moms are out there flogging for attention and setting up very photo-friendly scenes for lazy "journalists".

One last quote from Marny:
If these people are right, like Mrs. Sheehan or Mrs. Lourey, then what are they saying about these guys who volunteered. Do they have air in their brains? Let's give them some credit for knowing what they're doing over there.

Indeed, let's give them some credit.

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