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Monday, August 15, 2005 

Anger: Bedside Manner

I went to the doctor last Friday for help with my headaches and he freaked out when I refused to submit to a blood test (I have an irrational fear of needles). I guess I am too goddammed fat to pass up a chance to study... Anyway he made me get a EKG (because I am too goddamed fat). The result was "abnormal", when pressed on what the hell that means, he said that it looks like I had a heart attack a while back. I think I would have remembered that, but he was convinced that I was about to keel over and die. I spent the weekend freaked out and really angry. I have a bunch of test scheduled over the next few weeks to see if I:
a) Have a brain tumor
b) Need heart surgery
c) Am crazy

I really hate this f-ing doctor. A bedside manner course is needed. When you see a guy just about pass out, hyperventilating when you mention a needle, maybe you shouldn’t press the issue. "What if you find out you have diabetes", nice bedside manner...

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