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Saturday, April 16, 2005 

Gluttony: Footbal and Weed

What the hell is he thinking?

Anttaj Hawthorne (I just love the name "Anttaj") was openly discussed as a 2nd round pick in next week's draft. A 2nd round pick is a lock to make the roster and get a decent money, multi-year deal. All he had to do is show up at the combine, not screw up too badly and pass the announced drug test and his NFL future was assured.

Ya know, I know people who "love da weed", but this guy takes the cake. He KNEW that there was a drug test at the combine and he couldn't find it in him to lay off the maryjane for a week or so in order to pass. Dude, if you are that week at least find someone to lock you in a weight room for the week running up to the test, WITHOUT the grass. That would be a "Million Dollar Friend".

Welcome to "free agency" Anttaj!

Maybe the Raiders would take him, since they mustplace no wieght on "character", i.e. Randy Moss.

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