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Wednesday, June 14, 2006 

Wrath: Hillary is Satan

Chris Muir is brilliant. I am incredibly envious of his genius.

Okay, without further ado:

Trouble's Top Ten Reasons to Hate Hilary

10. She's the walking embodiment of "bitter bitch" face.
9. Looking at her makes your nuts shrink up into your body (you know it's true, guys). I don't even have nuts, and she makes mine shrink.
8. She waffles more on her positions than Cuisinart.
7. She's way too cozy with Satan.
6. If she isn't having sexual relations with Satan, it's possible she IS Satan.
5. She makes real witches look bad.
4. Staring into her eyes may turn you to stone.
3. She's twice as liberal as Bill, with half the personality.
2. Her ears are way too big, and she's stolen Yoda's light saber.
1. Voting for her will usher in the reign of the anti-Christ.

In all seriousness, Hillary earned my undying contempt on 9/12/01, when I watched her in the audience, rolling her eyes and mocking the president's speech, while her constituents searched for bodies and posted signs on the street hoping for news of their loved ones.

She is the embodiment of all that is evil, even worse than Walmart.

*For the record, Trouble is a staunch agnostic who doesn't subscribe to any religious mythologies at all.

Sinner's Update: It seems, while very funny and clever, Mr. Muir is also an insufferable bore.

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