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Saturday, May 27, 2006 

Pride: AltFuels

tee bee has a well thought out rant posted at the Badger Blog Alliance (as well as her own place). I posted a comment that I thought was worth tossing to my readership:

Good post, one point/idea...

If you believe in "Peak Oil" (I am not sure about it myself) there is an argument to be made for developing the ability to pump oil on a moments notice and then not pump any (or very small amounts to cover costs of keeping ready) until there is a crisis.

I think keeping it ready as a strategic resource makes the most sense.

The only real difference I have with Scott H is that we should be finding a way to be ready, to turn on the spigot at the moment the Middle East goes wacky(-er) and the flow of oil stops. Until then we should use "their" oil and not "ours", even if it means paying more at the pump.

Now, tee bee certainly knows that I am an "ethanol-guy". I would certainly like to see a "Manhattan Project" for bio-fuels and I think this is where our National Security is best served, but until we get serious we need to figure out how to survive the coming disruption.

K. Carpenter certainly has a point, one that holds true outside of Wisconsin as well. Until the politics of energy get serious, we will have the Saudi's knife at our collective throats.
Go on over and join the discussion.

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