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Friday, May 26, 2006 

Anger: Senate Immigration Bill

I really didn’t think about this before, but I think there is another position on the Senate Immigration bill worth considering. Maybe I should have been on the [shutter] McCain/Kennedy bandwagon all along.

I have been viewing the bill as something that would get implemented and have been working the phone, email and snail mail to do what (little) I can do to get some of the more, well, STUPID provisions removed. I just may have been going about this in the exact wrong way. I should have been using what little influence I have to get the fence removed, amnesty easier and English language provisions weakened further. I say this because the further down that road the Senate goes the less likely there will be a conference report at all, let alone with these foolish provisions intact.

The House might cave in on the shorter fence, but not on NO fence.

The House might cave in on amnesty-lite, but not on FULL amnesty.

The House might cave in on weak English provisions, but not on NO English requirements.

The passed Senate bill, as crazy as this sounds, is worse than absolutely no changes in immigration policy. My current assumption is that the House will cave in on most (if not all) of the weakened provisions, putting something very much like the Senate bill (unmolested) up for a reconciliation vote. That vote will pass so the CongressCritters can go home and campaign on “doing something” on immigration.

Too late now, we are stuck hoping that the House will not be too distracted by the Rep. Jefferson soap-opera...

Crap... we're sunk...

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