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Thursday, May 04, 2006 

Envy: Screedy Fun

I recently got a request to exchange blog links from someone identifying himself as "a reader". Somewhat unlikely given that I pretty much know each and every regular reader, which is a major accomplishment because I have literally thousands of readers. (Ed and Erma Thousand from Fort Wayne Indiana) [rim shot] (Be careful with that joke, its an antique! -ed)

So I decided to check it out, I am always happy to link up with blogs that I enjoy reading.

At first, I honestly thought this was a work of parody. I still wonder because this is a textbook case of BDS. There is absolutely no possible way that this could get any less intelligent or any more ham-fisted.

Are you in the mood for some over the top BDS action? You could do much worse than visiting Empires Fall. Currently he is afraid of sweet sweet Condi. He also likes to put up pictures of the President "sneering", as if every picture of the most photographed person in the world is going to be a work of art.

If you do go over there, don't bother commenting as comments are moderated and he hasn't allowed any of the very civil comments I left to be placed on the blog. Why is it that people that claim to value free speech and applaud speaking truthiness to power are always the ones to censor any thoughts that are not directly in line with their own?

This guy clearly didn't bother to read 7 Sins before finding the email address, pasting the message and hitting the send button.

His parting message in the email?

You're doing a great job, by the way. Keep up the good work.
Thanks! That means sooooooo much coming from someone who clearly has never read 7 Sins. I will cherish that comment long past the day I stop exchanging O2 for CO2.

Update: Man, 24 hours later and BDS poster boy hasn't been here to call me a Nazi... Could it be that he can't figure out the wonders of Technorati?

Update II: Check this from the comments:
You think I run all the comments that I get?

You think MY writing is laced with profanity? Boy, I tell you, butter wouldn't melt in the mouths of these neocon cocksucker scumbags.

Linked: basil's picnic

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