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Sunday, April 30, 2006 

Sloth: Packer Draft

While I wished that the Packers would have moved down in the first round, the first day was a great success. I think the trades that were made fantastic. Some have questioned the Javon Walker [spit] trade, thinking that they should have gotten more, but I am glad to get anything while avoiding the problems that he would surely create.

2 Stud Linebackers, 2 hosses fot the O-Line and a wideout to fill the ranks at a thin point.

On day 2 I expect to see at least 1 more WR, maybe a kicker, and some beef for the D-Line.

Update: I have to say that the Packers did pretty well. It's hard to argue with geting 12 new bodies. They managed to address some needs and got what looks to be a good crop of prospects

Overall grade: B

I still think we need WR and O-Line help. Maybe that help can be found in the June cut downs.

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