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Thursday, April 27, 2006 

Pride: Its for FUEL officer, I swear!

Cathyf gets me thinkin' about makin' a still...

Gonna get me a place out in the backwoods and make fuel grade ethanol.

Lots of info here. They sell the hardest to build part for $1395.00 plus $60.00 shipping, the more adventurous can get the individual parts at the same place and save a few bucks.

From what I can tell a gallon of ethanol produced from this still costs somewhere between $0.30 and $0.60, so it would take about 700 gallons or around 45 tankfuls to pay for itself. (Assuming current pricing) That's an awfully long time for me since I live less than a mile from my office. I fill up about once a month, some months twice. If you commute a long way, you could be in the black in less than a year, not to mention the total geekery factor!

More good info here and here.

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