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Friday, January 06, 2006 

Sloth: NFL Wild Card Weekend

Here are my Wild Card Weekend Picks

Redskins at Buccaneers (-2.5) OU: 37

I think the ‘Skins are a mirage, so I give the points and take the UNDER

Redskins 7
Buccaneers 24

Jaguars at Patriots (-8) OU: 37

Jacksonville is better than this spread suggests. I say they keep it close in a high scoring game.

Jaguars 24
Patriots 28

Panthers at Giants (-2.5) OU: 43.5

The Over/Under reflects the Giants offensive firepower even against a once great now good defense. I think the Giants have something this year and I agree that the scoring will be high.

Panthers 24
Giants 30

Steelers at Bengals (+3) OU: 46.5

This is the game of the week. These teams split the season series and have “history”. I love Carson Palmer and Chad “no teeeff” Johnson. Its hard to believe that Cincy is getting points. I am taking ‘em.

Steelers 27
Bengals 30

So.. to recap

Bucs –2.5 and UNDER 37
Jags +8 and OVER 37
G-Men –2.5 and OVER 43.5
Bungles-no-more +3 and OVER 46.5

Fantasy Players: Carson Palmer and Tiki Barber

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