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Tuesday, December 06, 2005 

Pride: Weblog Award Suggestions

Just because my category is over, doesn’t mean that there aren’t others that need your attention. Here are my picks, remember to vote every day!

The Best New Blog is the sublime Wuzzadem
For Best Group Blog, the always interesting REDSTATE
Since Jeff doesn’t roll that way, the Best Humor/Comic nod goes to Cox & Forkum
In a nonsense category, at least this guy tries to make sense.
The Best Conservative Blog is Ace-O-Spades HQ!
In the Best Media/Journalist category, How could it be anyone but Michael Yon?
In the Best Culture/Gossip category, The Llamas, of course!
In the top 250 category, For the best San Diego Protest Coverage, The Indepundit
In the 251-500 category, The American Mind
In the 3501-5000 category, Garfield Ridge despite the baseball stuff.
In the 5001-6750 category, it’s Homemade Sin. Mostly based on the title!


The Best Blog is LGF!

Mostly because it would really piss off dKos if LGF wins, but also for the great community there.

Not that it matters anymore [sniff], but please vote for me (Seven Deadly Sins) if for no other reason than to reduce the margin of victory of that allegedly French-run My Election Analysis.  

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