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Thursday, December 22, 2005 

Pride: Made you Delete

I have been posting at a pro-censorship blog. The made a post about the California ruling that I comment on below. When I made the following comment, the post was deleted.

I comment on this ruling on the blog.

Biggest line:"It is uncertain that even if a causal link exists between violent video games and violent behavior, the First Amendment allows a state to restrict access to violent video games, even for those under eighteen years of age."

This seems pretty bad for the pro-censorship crowd. Even if they were to prove that there is a link between games and violence, the 1st Amendment would STILL apply. At least by this judge.

As for the so called "sting operations", just how many stores and how many kids did they have to use to find 2 sales of unverified violent products?

But they (as of now) didn't kill the direct link.

I will post the original post here for when they get around to killing the direct post.
Fight to Give Parents Control Over Ultraviolent Content Will Continue in California
By Jim Steyer, December 22, 2005

Citing concerns that certain labeling restrictions in the legislation raised First Amendment questions, Judge Ronald Whyte on Wednesday issued a preliminary injunction against the ultraviolent video game law that had passed through California’s legislature with wide bipartisan support.

This is an unfortunate, but minor, development in California’s fight to give parents more control over what kinds of video games their kids have ready access to.

A preliminary injunction is just that: preliminary. I am confident that when a full hearing on this issue is held and the judge hears from the parents and teachers who deal with the effects of these games on a daily basis, the necessity and constitutionality of the law will become quite clear.

The fact is that California’s video game law has nothing to do with restricting speech. It has everything to do with giving parents a tool to protect their kids from ultraviolent content that they might not feel is appropriate. Violent video games pose a public health concern, and this law would help parents take control of the issue.

Common Sense Media will continue to support the group of bipartisan lawmakers at both the state and federal level who recognize the importance of this kind of legislation.

Update: Here is a copy of the page that was removed.

Update II: They have now reposted an edited version, without the comments that make them look foolish. I reposted mine, like it will be remoderated and appear...

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