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Thursday, June 16, 2005 

Pride: Back online

After much ado... I have connectivity from home again! Took almost a month, but at least it is done.

This means that I can finally start catching up on news and blogging. My new employer has no sense of humor about personal use of the net connection.

At least I am getting a steady paycheck again, but I will miss the freedom that the games business gave me.

Pros of my new job:

1) Steady paycheck
2) Steady paycheck
3) Rigid policy against more than 8 hour days
4) Steady paycheck
5) Fun project without game business BS/stress
6) Steady Paycheck

Cons of my new job:

1) Paycheck is MUCH lower than the oft-missing game company paycheck
2) Had to join a union
3) Weirdness of working in a "real world" job
4) People are constantly amazed that I took the job
5) Had to move away from a wonderful place for a place that MAY be wonderful (only time will tell)
6) Crappy hardware

Did I mention that it is nice to be able to count on a paycheck???

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