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Thursday, May 19, 2005 

Sloth: Work Stress - Weight Gain

This story's Headline wins the "Duh!" award for the week.

Work Woes May Bring Weight Gain

Who funds these studies? Did we really have to study this to find out that there is a link here? Worst of all, the reseachers still have unanswered questions!
The researchers -- who included Tea Lallukka of the University of Helsinki's public health department -- say they don't know if their findings apply to other groups of people.

They also don't know what the participants ate or how much they exercised. Perhaps people burning the midnight oil eat more snacks and fast food, write Lallukka and colleagues.
Again... DUH!

When in game "crunch mode", the company generally buys dinner, mostly to keep you there. What is a dinner that can be delivered and consumed while disrupting work the least? I'll givve you a hint, it aint salad.

Here comes the required health Nazi ending:
Since exercise has been shown to help people cope with stress, working out might help smooth out the workday, easing some of that job angst while keeping weight in check.
I need to find me one 'o dem jobs that would be OK with an afternoon jog/workout. If you are hiring for such a position, let me know.

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