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Saturday, December 17, 2005 

Lust: Glenn

It looks like Glenn gets it. I retract everything nasty I have said about the traffic non-Santa, but not the nasty thoughts I have reguarding the big fish.

I mean, you couldn't give a little guy a link? Toss me a frickin bone here.

And for the rest of you, you might think about hitting some of the ad links...

Update: Best part of being nobody? I can say anything about the puppy killer I want and he will be none the wiser! Glenn Reynolds, you are no Dick Cheney!

Heh, Indeed.

Update II: Holy Cats! A quick check of the 'ol statcounter and I see that I just had a visitor from Knoxville, who came in by way of a Technorati search of Instapundit links. Wait... awww man, my blender is fouled with puppy guts! Anyone know how to get puppy spleen out of blender blades?

Update III Welcome Bonfire fans! Please visit the Main Page.

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