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Monday, March 27, 2006 

Anger: Men's Rights

Jeff Goldstein is inviting discussion on this book banning court order.

Today by mail, I received notice that my recently released book, “Exposing the Corruption in the Massachusetts Family Courts” was officially banned. I received an Order of Impoundment and a Temporary Restraining Order. My custody case and a DSS report, which substantiate the crimes that I have experienced, was impounded until 2021.

Since when do we allow the banning of books? It seems hard to believe that something like this can happen in such “enlightened times”.

From the author’s reaction:
Only in family court are fathers treated like criminals without a criminal’s rights to due process, equal protection, and a jury of their peers.

Only in family court is the burden of proof, a burden placed on every other accuser in this country, waived for mothers who choose to manufacture vile claims of abuse as a court strategy.

Only in family court are there no consequences for mothers who are found guilty of making false allegations and violating court orders.

Only in family court can judges ignore constitutional laws that forbid the creation of second-class citizens.

Only in family court are the best interests of a child interpreted to mean removing loving fathers from the lives of their children and replacing them with visitation hours and cash payments.
You had me at “Only”.

The backlash is coming.

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